What We Can Do For You

Our process driven approach.

No matter what kind of project our clients ask us to undertake, we apply a consistent, process-driven approach to planning, managing and completing the project. Application of time-tested and experience-vetted project management techniques allow Gordon Highlander to provide the same level of cost-effective quality to every client, whether it be an office, a retail or restaurant space, an interior, a large-scale industrial warehouse, or another requirement.

Quality construction begins with clear communication with our clients. Our process involves:

Listening and Asking Questions

Every project starts with a vision. We listen carefully to our client’s requirements, hopes and expectations. We encourage discussion about project management, deadlines, progress markers and client interaction. This dialogue helps us to explore the vision of how the facility will be used on opening day and far into the future.

Project Review and Brainstorming

Our process involves a thorough review of your design, construction or finish-out vision with our team. We talk about realistic day-to-day work details. Our team’s experience in project management allows us to quickly identify potential problems, and to clarify project objectives and details. Brainstorming with our experienced professionals and managers results in choices on how to cut costs and streamline workflow. We define opportunities and consider insightful solutions to potential project challenges.

Precise Project Estimation and Planning

We use current technology and project management tools as well as the hands-on experience of seasoned project managers to estimate all aspects of your project. Timelines, budgeting, contractor scheduling, industry specific challenges, material and labor availability and many other variables are carefully reviewed to ensure we actively manage the critical decisions required at each phase of the project.

Project Management and Reporting

Gordon Highlander’s planning and reporting system keeps all project constituents informed, involved and on-task. Cost and Completion Reviews occur at specified project points to ensure your budget is respected and our completion schedule is met.

Your feedback makes our business better. Your opinions about our work process helps us improve where needed and reconfirm what works for our clients. We engage our clients in a project completion run down and ask you to reengage with us a month and a year later to discuss the long term success of our work with you.

"Hard work and excellent communication aren’t just buzzwords for them; it’s the way they do business. To judge a contractor you not only evaluate the results but the process... they’ve mastered both."

— Richard Greth, Bear Group