We Are Highlanders.

Smart design, cost-effective general construction and quality interior finish-out is what we do.

Gordon Highlander was founded in 2007, but the ancient Gordon clan originated in the Scottish Highlands. The Gordon family crest bears the image of a stag with the motto “bydand,” which means “steadfast.” Some people say that the Gaelic term bydand means “to stand prepared,” while others say it means “to stand and fight.” Whatever the original meaning may have been, the historical Gordon Highlanders served their crown and country for centuries with unwavering faithfulness. As a third-generation builder, Greg Gordon takes pride in the history of the Gordon legacy and strives to create a business name that reflects its reputation of historically steadfast family values that emphasize honesty, fairness and trust.

Gordon Highlander is growing and looking for team players who embrace our motto “Bydand” by living out steadfast honesty, fairness & trust. If you embody a commitment to building long lasting relationships by earning trust & respect for the quality of your work, and the dedicated service you bring, send us your resumé.

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