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Dallas, Texas

About The Eagle Materials Project

As a leading provider of building materials in the U.S., Eagle Materials offers a variety of products, including cement, gypsum wallboard, recycled paperboard, concrete and aggregates, and oil and gas proppants. Despite the expanse of their inventory, the company is proud to manufacture 100 percent of their materials in the United States. Eagle Materials approached Gordon Highlander as part of a project for consolidating multiple DFW locations into one Dallas-based headquarters. CEO Dave Powers’ goal in consolidation not only focused on workplace synergy, but also providing employees with an impressive and inviting office environment.

As a reflection of the products Eagle Materials offers, the sheer number and variety of finish materials offered a unique challenge. Additionally, there was a last-minute design change from wood finishes to steel finishes. The company’s goal was to host and showcase the new headquarters at their annual board meeting, and a change in materials threatened the deadline. In order to finish on time, the Gordon Highlander team worked nights and weekends to make the materials change a reality.