Neiman Marcus


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Corporate Interiors

85,000 sf

Dallas, TX

About The Neiman Marcus Project

Gordon Highlander proudly executed Project Teacup for our client, Neiman Marcus Group, delivering an impressive 85,000-square-foot retail office facility in Dallas, TX. The three-floor space is thoughtfully designed with collaborative areas, including open offices, huddle spaces, conversation pits, and coffee bars, centered around a common atrium. Reflecting the Neiman Marcus brand and culture, each section mirrors the style and ambiance of the client’s prominent U.S. locations. Despite the challenge of coordinating diverse design pallets, Gordon Highlander seamlessly integrated each element, ensuring the project’s success and creating a beautifully imagined workspace that aligns with the client’s vision.

This beautiful, finished-well project was one that Gordon Highlander was very proud to be a part of.