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At Gordon Highlander, we’re proud to serve Dallas/Fort Worth as a premier commercial and industrial contractor. Our team operates with a passion for delivering superior workmanship, quality building materials, affordable design solutions, and on-time project completion for every project.

Beyond our commitment to excellent work are a passion for people and a heart of service. Our mission is to build a legacy of helping others reach their God-given potential. We live out this commitment within the Gordon Highlander family, our own families, friendships, and the community around us. Whether creating commercial office spaces, retail showrooms, healthcare facilities, or industrial warehouses, we strive to earn the trust and respect of every client.

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A Different Way to Do Construction

We take an organized, process-driven approach, no matter the type and scope of each project. Our team can accurately control budgeting and estimating services with over 20 years in the construction management business and more than 2,000 completed projects.

We ask many questions and encourage open communication, operating from a commitment to vulnerability and transparency. As projects progress, our management team reviews the work to identify potential problems and resolve them quickly. We believe every successful job ends with on-time installations because we know that unnecessary downtime means lost productivity and profits for your business.

Greg - Subcontractor

At Gordon Highlander, we believe this level of attention to detail and commitment to excellence is primarily why our repeat clients generate more than 80 percent of our ongoing construction management business.

What is a Highlander?

Founder and President Greg Gordon is a third-generation builder. His family originated in the Scottish Highlands with proud, lasting traditions emphasizing honesty, fairness, and trust. Greg has been intentional about instilling the legacy of his family’s values into the culture of Gordon Highlander. Inscribed into the Gordon family crest is the word “bydand,” which means “steadfast.” Historically, the Gordon clan served their crown and country for centuries with unwavering loyalty.

The Gordon Highlander team embodies the spirit of bydand in all that we do. We are:

  • Your advocates, planning and adjusting details so you can focus on what you do best and entrust the day-to-day management of your company’s real estate projects to us
  • Deal-strategists, helping to uncover the potential in any commercial space
  • Deal-analysts, identifying potential issues early, solving problems and building relationships
  • An integral part of our client’s team, structuring win-win opportunities and helping companies stand out
  • Our client’s eyes and ears, ensuring a timely finish of all the tenant’s details and creating predictable results

Core Values Beyond Commercial Construction

The core values of Gordon Highlander are the heartbeat of our culture. Whether interacting with a client, working on-site, or within our office family, we conduct ourselves by these guiding principles:


We never give up. We remain faithful, standing ready to serve our clients and each other any way we can.

Courageously Authentic

We are open and honest with our clients, even to the point of making ourselves vulnerable in our transparency. Every member of our team constantly pursues outrageous and contagious trust with each other and those we serve.

For Others

Our burden of servant leadership is fueled by the desire to lead generously and with integrity. We actively seek out the potential in others, both personally and professionally, knowing that’s what drives our projects forward. People come first. Period.

Band of Brothers and Sisters

Like a close-knit family, we are dependable, protecting and serving each other. We care about one another and show it with our words and actions.

Gordon Highlander in Dallas, Texas


Our drive is to serve, engage, and deliver quality results beyond our clients’ expectations. The finished product speaks louder than our words ever will.

Finish Well

We have a saying around the Gordon Highlander office, “Finish Well.” We believe it’s how we best answer the call to greatness for our clients. Exceptional quality and personalized service drive our every action—giving us a reputation for getting things done right the first time.

Let’s finish something beautiful together.

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